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Adoption of cloud computing can help you to reduce operational expenses, boost innovation, unlock new possibilities, and realize your strategic IT objectives faster, or it could just be a tool to regain your lost core business focus.

Cloud computing is a direct and obvious fit for many scenarios, including the ones that require a thorough analysis of the changes, risks, and opportunities that a compute model brings to an enterprise.

Aligned with the cloud trend, We at texara, have invested to gear up our services around cloud, to help our clients make the right decision in adopting cloud and then help monitor, maintain and manage their cloud environment.

  • Identifying the exisitng issues and defining fitting solutions.
  • Developing a migration plan and total cost of ownership(TCO).
  • Propose the optimal cloud service provider, cloud products and DevOps tools.
  • Develop a pilot on parallel with the legacy processes to test the migration.
  • Improve infrastructure nased on the pilot project and move system components & resources to the cloud.
  • Configure cloud monitoring logging alerting solutions.

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