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Collect, Unify, Analyze and Activate your customer data with our scalable CDP solution.

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Consolidate and integrate customer profiles and behavior data across enterprise systems and channels to present a 360-degree view of individual’s journey. A unified customer data can let you efficiently personalize, communicate and get actionable insights about your customers and prospects leveraging AI/ML driven methods.

We at Texara have extensive experience working with major CDP solutions. We have also built custom solutions too leveraging Big Data and Data Science technologies.

Our experts can strategize and build the optimum Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution by collecting, unifying, analyzing, and activating customer considering the organization's specific systems, technologies, and processes. Our consulting services can help you on,

  • Building scalable unified customer profile.
  • Identifying and stitching anonymous and known customer profiles.
  • Defining segmentation strategy and creating segments as per your business needs.
  • Custom querying the integrated data to build specific Views for easy consumption by your business users.
  • Build interactive dashboards and reports using CDP's visualization capabilities or using BI tools such as Tableau and PowerBI or any other.
  • Create custom AI/ML models following Data Science best practices.
  • Productionize the AI/ML models for real-time scoring of customers against models.
  • Run scalable Personalization, Retargeting and Marketing campaigns to meet your business goals.
Customer Data Platform

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